Charlotte H.  Yelp! review (April 2017)

"Olga is amazing!! She is very skilled and truly listens. She's got a really calm, upbeat, and kind spirit that really radiates too. My shoulders get especially tight due to way too many hours sitting at my desk and her deep tissue massage makes all the stress melt away. I really recommend her!" 

R   Recent reviews:
    -Olga really paid attention to the areas that needed work; she found spots I didn’t even realize needed attention, and was very careful to work around an existing injury. This was the most therapeutic massage I’ve ever received—it was very much worth it and I will be back to get another deep tissue from Olga! Matthew H

    -Olga is a huge asset to Myo. She is so nice, listens, cares, highly knowledgeable and highly skilled. Couldn’t ask for more. Josh
-    This was a much-needed deep tissue massage, and I was very pleased with the quality of the 
      session. Olga worked skillfully and for a good while on a small injury which has not healed. Her neck work was excellent...wow! (John R)
-    Olga is greatest. Don’t ever let her go (Adam W)
-    Olga is my favorite massage therapist--she really knows the body and massage techniques to alleviate aches and pains. She also does a great job of listening and communicating with me throughout and after the session! (Carter P)
-    Today (the day after my massage) is the first time I haven’t had a headache or numb-feeling arms in a week! Olga was amazing. (Debbie)
-    Thank you so much Olga - I was in a lot of pain when I came in and you were so helpful. I'll be back! (Katie)
-    Olga is an incredibly talented massage therapist and I enjoy every session with her. I love how Myo Massage employs quality massage therapists. (Juliet C)
-    I loved the detailed questionnaire before the appointment paired with the fact that Olga knew everything I had written on it! Olga was the best!!! (Emily G)
-    Excellent massage. Olga showed both a great understanding of what she was doing and the ability to recognize what I needed. This was my first time with her, and I was very appreciative of what a good job she did. (Manny N)  
      Olga i is great. After a lot of massage shopping, I've found a place and therapist that works perfectly. (Bhavik)

The difficulty in naming what you do and want to do is that it's much more than just massage, isn't it? As I understand it, massage, coaching, personal training, and yoga are your passions and interests and how you want to make a buck! I just don't think that a catchy word or two can be descriptive enough to include all you want to offer.
It seems to me that you would be better off "selling" a way of doing things. A lifestyle that not only heals the body but inspires one to live a better and more fulfilling life. In a nutshell, have you thought about "selling" Olga, or more specifically, "OLGA'S WAY"?
Whether you realize it or not, you are somewhat of an intriguing person. People remember you, they like you, you are inspiring to them. People who have heard of you want to meet you. You know people who know people. I think the best thing going for Olga is Olga! I think you would be GREAT at motivating, molding, teaching and helping people become less burdened and happier with life.

Hey Olga
My mom really liked your massage and your positive energy. She is glad she met you!
She says her body is light and she feels no pain! (in lower back). She says she now knows why I have you every week for a massage!
Best, Ruchi
Hey Olga! LOVED that massage. My foot is doing better. Can I schedule another massage?

Hi Olga -Thanks for a great massage last evening.  Looking forward to the next one!
I appreciate your encouragement!! I will be utilizing your services again very soon!! I am trying to get accustom to new ways of “stress management”, and my shoulders need your help with that! I will be seeing you very soon!
A club member, Olga is a certified MT and has relieved many a tight trial runner's muscles around ATX.
She'll even come to your house! And she happens to have a found spot in her heart for ultrarunners.
Thank you for the "Best Customers in Austin" free massages next month!
-Mike and Al
Hi Olga,
Thank you again for the wonderful massage on Sunday, it was so kind and generous of you to share your time and talents.  I'm inspired to start stretching and to get more active, I know it will take time to build the habits but I'll be moving in that direction.  I would like to get on your calendar. Thanks!

Hey Girls
If any of you are thinking about a massage in the near future for yourself or your significant others, I want to recommend Olga. She drives to clients' home with her massage table and stuff and gives you a massage in the comfort of your own home. I find her rates very reasonable too. $45 for 60 minutes and $60 for 90 minutes. I recently took a massage from her and it was really really good.
She did not ask me for any endorsement but I thought of sharing this anyway since I guess all of us crave a little pampering now and then. If you are a runner and are dealing with an injury, you may also benefit from all her experience and insights as she has been an ultra runner for quite some time.

I feel so much better!  Thank you so much.  I've been meaning to e-mail you all day to thank you; it's just been an incredibly busy day!
So thank you.  It was so nice to meet you too!  I e-mailed Ben Blessing last night with the news that I had met you and had a massage from you. 
In any case, just wanted to say thank you!  Definitely appreciate you giving up your evening to make me feel better!

Would it be okay if I sent out an email to some of my friends recommending your massages?
I think you do fabulous work and I want more of my friends to benefit from it.
Just thought I would ask you before I actually sent out the email.

I can't believe what I'm reading!  Good for you for stepping out of routine and trying on something different.  It looks like you hit all the important issues square on the head.  Here are some ideas for marketing.
Because you are going to people's homes, you always want to be working with "friends".  No strangers, even though I know you are one tough cookie, we don't want you in a dangerous situation where you have to prove how tough you are.  To meet this objective, consider a Facebook page.  "Friend" everybody around your job and hobbies that have Facebook pages and spread the word.  Social marketing is where its at these days.  Email marketing is a dying approach.  Facebook is definitely the way to go, and it's free!
In Austin, I know that 30mins is usually like $45-50, so your rates are INSANELY LOW in my view.  Keep that in mind and try not to let mileage eat into your profits or the setup, takedown, and travel time.  We don't want you working for peanuts!
Another good marketing opportunity would be through meeting and cultivating relationships with chiropractors.  The clients you met through the chiropractor would at least have been somewhat screened through the doctor's practice and would not present the risk that Craigslist or some other anonymous client source would pose.
I mentioned you to my hygenists and some of them are interested so I'll forward your email to them.
Good going lady!
-Dr. M

I really appreciate you coming out and working on me. I was so relaxed I went straight to bed and woke up feeling great. It is so nice to meet other women ultra runners. You are very inspiring! See you at cactus rose!

Hey guys & gals,
I have a friend, Olga Varlamova, who is getting her massage therapy license. I went to her today as did my friend Lisa. We both thought it was the best massage we’ve ever had—probably due to her extensive knowledge of the body: she’s a doctor (M.D. equivalent from Russia, a distance runner of the elite club of 100-mile runners (no typo there!), a certified professional trainer, and she works for UT doing stem cell research!) Yes, I am impressed w/ her. I enjoyed 1.5 hours of relaxation—Olga found stress points other therapists have missed regardless of the type of spa I visited (The Belagio, Canyon Ranch, Lake Austin Spa, Salon 505 and others where I paid over $100/hour). When she graduates, she’ll be making house calls and charging slightly higher rates—which is still an excellent deal. As you can tell, I highly recommend her!

I, too, went in post-race. Olga is GREAT! I would be back if I lived closer!
-Melanie F.

I got a post race massage from Olga that was among the best I have ever had (and I have had many).  I recommend helping  yourself while helping a teammate!
-John R.

Your good!  I don't know the exact surgical procedure at this time but can find out... The FHL was involved!  I believe they cleaned it up and also shaved off a bone piece in my ankle that had grown.  My ankle has never been the same.  The incision site has hard scar tissue which seems to be a major issue.  I'll try to find out the exact medical specifics for you when we return from the Guads... of which I wish you were going!
Thanks for the massage!  And, the info!
Take care of you ~

Team (Traverse)-
I took Olga up on one of her massages - it was excellent.  Olga knows how to find all the right spots for runners and was able to identify other trouble areas.  I feel great today! 
If you are looking for a massage you should give her a try.

Thank you Olga...it was so great meeting you...you are a wonderful woman and you have definitely been an inspiration in my life.  Thank you again...please continue to keep in touch.  I am very fortunate to have met you...it was great timing for where I am in my life right now.

My left side neck and shoulder feel awesome...They were sore and noticeably tight on Monday...Tuesday, there was no soreness.  And, Monday night was the first night in many months when I felt no pain when I rolled onto my left shoulder while I was sleeping. All in all, wonderful results!