Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Plyometrics exercises you can do at home.

1.       squats with your back by the wall (or the exercise ball) with legs at least a foot away from body and shoulder width apart, straight back, lower until thighs just above parallel to ground - 15
2.       squats with legs wider than shoulder width (regular), feet parallel to each other, back arched, lower down all the way, press heels into the floor when coming up - 15
3.       wide squats (as above, toes looking out), while lowering raise on your toes (heels off the ground) – 15 (plie)
4.       squat down-jump high combo - 15
5.       one-leg squats (free leg hanging next to the body and almost behind) as low as you can without compromising the posture – 10 each leg
6.       one-leg squats with free leg on a side step (or stack of books) – 10 each leg
7.       one-leg bend-over (like Romanian dead lifts, keep a heavy book in hands for a correct posture), back leg behind – 10 each leg
8.       one-leg step-up on a chair (sturdy and wood) - forward 10 each leg, then and sideways 10 each
9.       lunges backwards – 10 each
10.   lunges forward – 10 each
11.   lunges sideways – 10 each
12.   lunges with one leg on a bench/chair behind (Bulgarian squats) – 10 each
13.   calf raises from a step on your toes – 10 with leg straight, 10 with knee bent slightly
14.   jump rope for 2-3 min to finish

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